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How long does it take to build?

On an average 5-6 months from signing the purchase contract and closing on your home.

Can I customize my new home?

Yes, we have many options to choose from when customizing your new home. You will visit Everleigh Design Studio where you will work with your personal design team to select the perfect colors, textures and design elements for your new home.

How do I get approved?

Please visit our Preferred Lender page for more information.

Do you have a home warranty?

Yes. 1-2-10 year warranty will be provided for your new home. 

Quality Built by Ashlar Homes, LLC and backed by the Industry-Leading Warranty” 

Workmanship Warranty: Your workmanship warranty establishes the standards applicable to the fit, finish and materials used in the construction of your home. 

Systems Warranty: Your systems warranty establishes the standards for your home’s electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems.  These are items that are behind the walls in your new home. 

Structural Warranty: Your structural warranty addresses the load-bearing elements of your home. Items covered: Roof framing systems, load-bearing walls and partitions, beams, columns, footings and foundation systems, floor framing systems, girders, lintels and masonry arches.

We have been in our home now for over a year. The home is beautiful and we love it! As with all new projects issues will inevitably come up, and what separates good companies from bad ones is how well they handle those issues. They have always addressed any concern we've had in a polite and timely manner and have been an overall pleasure to work with.

Mathew Connell