Construction Process

At Ashlar Homes we value close supervision during the construction process to minimize errors and maximize our homeowners’ satisfaction and desires in their new home. A superintendent is assigned to each and every home to oversee the entire building process from the preconstruction meeting with the homeowner through the final walk and closing.

Pre-construction Meeting

Every homeowner will meet with the superintendent assigned to build their home so that they have the opportunity to ask any questions and for the superintendent to verify the options and selections made.


Our excavation team will dig and prep the homesite according to the engineer’s instructions. Our owner, Shawn Woods, prides himself on being a “dirty boots” builder and you often see him on site involved in this step. Footings are the underpinnings of the foundation walls and will support the weight of the completed home. Foundation walls are the vertical components of the home that will be below the grade of the homesite.

Damp proofing/Plumbing Ground Rough

After the foundation walls are poured a damp proofing membrane will be applied to the exterior of the foundation walls where they will touch soil and a drain tile system around the footing will be installed to permit ground water to be efficiently diverted away from the foundation walls to prevent undue stress on the walls and weeping of water thru the concrete. The portion of the plumbing drain lines that will be under the basement floor are also installed at this time.


During framing the home takes shape. First floor decking is installed and then vertical walls are set on top to create the walls of the home. If a two story this process will be happen a second time for the upstairs portion of the home. Once all walls are built the roof will be built and prepped for shingles.

Mechanical Rough In

During this phase our Heating and Cooling, Plumbing, and Electrical teams will install their components that will be behind the walls on the finished home. Ductwork for heating and cooling will be installed to each room, water and drain lines for sinks, showers and other fixtures will be installed, and all the outlet boxes, lighting mounts and other electrical components will be installed and the proper wire run to the main electrical panel.

Pre-Drywall Meeting

This meeting is a chance for our homeowners to once again meet with the superintendent in their new home and review placement and correctness of components that will be covered up in the next step.


Once the city inspector and our superintendent sign off on the homes rough in components the walls of the home will be insulated. Attic insulation is installed after drywall. Drywall is hung to create the final wall surface and several days will be spent to mud and tape all seams. Then the ceilings and walls will be textured, sanded and prepped for paint. This phase of construction will seem like it takes the longest, but it does so to ensure a great final product.

Exterior Home Finishes

Somewhere immediately before or after drywall the exterior of the home will be finished with materials selected.


At this point trim and cabinets will installed. This includes all interior doors, base moldings, door trims, and other trim options that were selected. The paint team will paint all trim and stain any handrails before moving on to the walls of the home. At this step only the first coat of paint will be applied. Final-coat painting and touch up will occur immediately before the final walk to ensure a beautiful finish.

Interior Finishes

In this step all the finish materials will be installed including countertops, hard-surface flooring, plumbing fixtures, and lighting. Carpet will be the last finish component to be installed.

Punch Out

During this phase the superintendent will do a thorough walk of the home and make a punch out list of last minute touch up items that our team will complete in order to present the home to you at the orientation/final walk. A final, thorough cleaning of the home also takes place at this point and includes all interior rooms, basements spaces, and exterior components including windows.

Exterior Concrete/Decks/Landscaping

Driveways, sidewalks and patios usually are installed at the end of the process so that we can ensure the least amount of traffic on these items before the homeowner moves in. Similar to exterior concrete, decks are installed towards the end to minimize foot traffic. Landscaping and fully sodded yard are typically installed before the orientation/final walk (weather dependent).

Orientation/Final Walk Through

This meeting is for the superintendent to present the home to the homeowner and to explain functionality of components within the home.

The Keys

On the scheduled closing day, the homeowner will meet with the Ashlar Homes team to review warranty information and receive their keys to their brand new home.


Included in every Ashlar Home is a one-year warranty period. We pride ourselves on our warranty and have gone the extra step by doing post-closing walks to address any warranty items that have been submitted. At 60 days and 11 months post-close, every homeowner will have the opportunity to submit a list and have that list reviewed in-home with one of our warranty team members. For more information on our PWC Comprehensive Limited Warranty, click here.